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A Conversational User Interface with Artificial Intelligence for
Accessibility and Inclusion


For the first time ever, users are able to interact with applications and data in the easiest and most natural way possible - via a human like conversation from anywhere.  /mīstrō/ is a super-app with a conversational user interface which your firm can white-label to create a platform that promotes accessibility and inclusivity by allowing your users to interact with all of your applications and data via voice, keyboard, or tap in an equitable ecosystem environment. Internal data, external data, market data, and blockchain data are all available to your users via the mīstrō super-app platform.  The equitable accessibility features within the /mistro/ platform promote diversity, equity, and inclusion at your firm and help you to achieve your DEI goals.


The best part is that your firm can immediately utilize /mīstrō/ to let your users have a conversation with the data within your existing applications, legacy systems, database infrastructures, blockchain platforms, spreadsheets and third party packages from wherever your data and reports may reside.  /mīstrō/ helps you to immediately create a super-app with accessibility features that can be white labeled and personalized by your firm in order to provide your users with the ability to interact with all of your applications and data in one equitable conversational user interface.

Our PhD led team of AI software engineers and accessibility experts have spent years working to create a multi-language accessibility driven conversational user interface platform that is unsurpassed in its ease of use as well as its breadth and depth of functionality.  Our Software as a Service (“SaaS”), Private Cloud, and Enterprise solutions come ready for your company to utilize immediately in order to create a natural language ecosystem for your applications and APIs.  Your firm can then deploy /mīstrō/ to your users instantly in order to input, access, and interact with the data found within your applications from any location in a secure environment in the most frictionless way possible - via voice, keyboard, or by simply tapping on an emoji with their mouse or finger.  

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What are my transactions from today?
Here is an updated list of your transactions
What is the exact location of my fleet?
Here is a live map with your fleet
Show me a heatmap of profit by region
Sure! Here you go...
Chat with your Data from Anywhere

/mīstrō/ provides your firm with an immediate solution for deploying a super-app with a conversational user interface that can securely interact with all of your applications and data via APIs.  Your users can instantly begin utilizing our pre-built modules and gateways which can give your applications and data a voice across all desktops and mobile devices.

About Us 

Venus Technology Ventures is an infrastructure provider of Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) solutions which focus on equitable accessibility and inclusivity which allow your firm to immediately create an amazing multi-language conversational super-app for interacting with all of your applications and data from anywhere. Our core product, /mīstrō/, allows your company and its clients to utilize the natural language of their choice in order to interact with existing applications, legacy systems, external systems, APIs, big data, internal data, external data, blockchain data, and market data. Our management team members each have over 20 years of industry experience at creating award winning software solutions that have been deployed at hundreds of major corporations around the world.

At our firm, we understand the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workplace and we are dedicated to providing products that help companies achieve their DEI goals. Our AI accessibility features are designed to provide equitable access and promote DEI in the workplace, and we are constantly working to improve and update our accessibility options to ensure that all employees have the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.

Our Team 

Over 30 developers from Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University, Princeton University, Boston University, MIT and the University of Chicago teamed together with data scientists, accessibility designers, and business leaders a to create the technology and AI core functionality found within our industry leading software solutions. A data driven multi-language super-app with a conversational user interface requires a deep understanding of the recent breakthroughs being made in fields such as Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence.  Our team can help your firm immediately add an amazing super-app with accessibility features to your existing core products which will provide your users with the ability to interact with your data from anywhere in the most natural and easiest way possible - by having a conversation.

Our Technology

Our patented AI technology can immediately be customized and deployed to create an amazing data driven multi-language super-app across all platforms for your clients and staff to interact with using the natural language of their choice. Designed in conjunction with over 10 years worth of industry use cases and millions of data points, our patented AI technology can easily be deployed to interact with your data across all major operating systems and devices. Featuring multi-level security, our intuitive interface features strong accessibility features that help to promote equitably inclusivity along with real-time data interactions. Our SaaS, Private Cloud, and Enterprise deployment options further allow your firm to create a natural language ecosystem whereby you can input, access, and start sharing data immediately.  Furthermore, to keep your data strictly confidential, we use our own internal proprietary Natural Language Processing technology so as that your private and sensitive information is never sent to outside platforms for external processing.

/mīstrō/ utilizes the latest state-of-the-art techniques in natural language processing and machine learning in order to provide a human-like experience with pinpoint accuracy.  Our AI technology continuously learns from user conversations with your data. This allows mīstrō to act as a virtual personal assistant for your users in that it can easily answer questions and also offer suggestions based upon prior user interactions.


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An AI Platform for Building Accessible Super-App  Networks

/mīstrō/ is an AI platform for building a super-app network that sits on top of your existing ecosystem of applications and APIs.  Users are able to talk, type, and tap in order to interact with /mīstrō/ within a conversational user interface which allows your data to speak for itself.  Our platform provides an amazing effortless user experience while greatly improving the speed at which your users can quickly access the data from all of all of your existing application systems.  In addition, our Cloud solutions can save you money by allowing your team to immediately begin deploying overnight a mobile and desktop super-app with a conversational interface with accessibility feature that take advantage of the current investment your firm has in its existing network of applications and API data infrastructures. 


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Our our software is designed with accessibility features that help to promote equitability and achieve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion goals in the workplace. Our software includes features such as:

  • Keyboard shortcuts for employees who may have difficulty using a mouse

  • High-contrast mode for employees with visual impairments

  • Text-to-speech functionality for employees who may have difficulty reading

  • Alt-text descriptions for images to provide accessibility to employees who may have difficulty with visual content

  • Voice-to-text features that automatically enter and retrieve data, which can assist employees with mobility impairments or other disabilities that may make typing difficult

These features help to ensure that all employees, regardless of their background or circumstances, have equal access to the information and tools they need to succeed. Additionally, by providing alternative formats and assistive technology options, our software helps to address and correct any systemic barriers and disadvantages that certain groups may face in the workplace.

Incorporating accessibility features in our software is a crucial step in promoting equitability and achieving DEI goals within a firm, and we are constantly working to improve and update our accessibility options to ensure that our software is accessible for all employees.

Harness the Data from your Existing Network of Applications

Our ecosystem architecture allows you to harness the data from your existing network of applications including legacy systems, external systems, APIs, big data, internal data, external data, blockchain data, and market data using a simple, secure, and intuitive data driven multi-language conversational user interface.  /mīstrō/ was built with the flexibility to learn and interact with existing network applications and because it relies on natural language with accessibility for inclusion it can be used equitably by anyone in the organization from senior management to new employees.

Securely Access and Share Your Data

Our platform strictly enforces stringent security measures to keep your data safe and is built with full audit capabilities and two factor authentication.  It's detailed permissions based approach provides security at both the company level and user level as well as enforcing data level security, API level security, and intent level security. 


In order to keep your data strictly confidential, we use our own internal proprietary NLP technology so as that your private and sensitive information is never sent to outside platforms for processing.

Multi-Language Support

Our patented multi-language super-app platform allows your users to have conversations with their data by using their own natural language.  Global enterprises can utilize our technology to have users who are located throughout the world interface with and share data using commands in their own natural language.  


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